Translating Navgps Pro and Pro/PCFS

This page explains how to translate Navgps to a non-American-English language. You can replace any text that's displayed by the software with something in your language or to your preference.


Before you start with the translation, please send e-mail to to confirm whether someone else has not already done that specific language. If so, you can still double-check and/or correct mistakes.


  • Download template.txt file.

    Right-click on the link above and select "Save Target As..." and save it on your computer.

    This file is in unicode text format. Unicode text allows specification for most of the languages around the world.

  • You'll have to open this file in a unicode editor.

    You should do this on a Windows NT/2000/XP computer. These computers have the notepad.exe program that'll allow you to open the file.

    Hint: You know you've opened the file ok when you see the file contents as normal text. If you see the file with the letters interleaved (e.g. "H E L L O" ), then it's not opened properly.

  • Follow rest of instructions within the template.txt file.

  • After translating, please e-mail us the edited file back.

  • Also, send us the exact name of the font that displays all the characters of your language properly.

    This can be found by opening Word application on your PocketPC and taking a look at the font-list.

    Preferably, select a sans-serif font - one with straight edges.

    For example like this instead of like this.