Navgps Pro NOTAMs

This page will contain important notices to Navgps Pro users.

2007.02.01 - Features enabled for non-USA users.

With the termination of DAFIF database for non-USA users, many users have requested that the Navgps Approach-mode and Airway flight-planning be enabled for expired databases.

After much reservation...we have done so. These features are enabled only for non-USA users.

As always, the onus is on YOU (i.e. PIC) to use Navgps software as a backup navigation aid.

2005.12.05 - Notice to non-USA Navgps users (IMPORTANT!)

Navgps uses the DAFIF database for world-wide av-data coverage. This data source will not be available beginning Oct 2006. Read the DAFIF announcement here.

We consider the grace period of 10 months to be relatively good news. We hope that we'll be able to find an alternate database source before then - especially for Europe. But in the meantime, non-USA users should not purchase the annual av-data product. The monthly release should be good for now.

This does not effect USA users.

2005.04.28 - I'm flying and a fix is not in the database...what do i do?
As long as you have an aero-nautical chart and are using Navgps Pro...all is not lost.

You can use the Navgps bearing/distance feature to create a new fix in your flight-plan.

For example, you've been cleared via fix XYZ...that fix is not in the database, but you look it up on the chart and see that it's off a navaid (e.g. ABC) on the 270 radial and 32 nm away.

So all you do is in the flight-plan specify "ABC.27032"

The format is navaid.bbbrr - with the numbers being zero-padded. So for 8 miles off the 5 radial would be "ABC.00508"

To take full advantage of other advanced features, please download and read the Navgps Pro manual.

2005.03.22 - Notice to non-USA Navgps users (IMPORTANT!)
Navgps uses DAFIF aviation database provided by United State's NGA organization for it's non-USA coverage. This source might be in jeopardy starting Oct 2005 (more info).

Be advised this is not definite yet - it's a proposal. We hope that it won't go through and encourage users to send email in the above link.

But if it does happen, here is what we plan to do. We'll make the last DAFIF release available as a free download to all. If and when users email us about changes - we'll update it as soon as possible. We're also looking for alternate sources of data.

It should be stressed that this does not effect USA users - we'll be continuing in our use of FAA data.

In the meantime for non-USA users, we recommend not purchasing the annual av-data subscription at this time. For users who've already purchased it and if more issues are still due at the end of DAFIF termination, we'll come up with a fair policy.

We appreciate the worldwide following we've received and will continue to find a solution if this problem ever comes to be.

This notice applies to Navgps Basic, Pro and Pro/PCFS.

2005.03.02 - Notice to VGA-rez Windows Mobile 2003 SE pda users
PDA units with vga-rez (i.e. 640x480) and the new Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (WM 2003 SE) operating system and later, should download the special version of navgps.exe. This applies to units like HP iPAQ 4700, Dell X50V, ASUS A730 etc.

This version optimizes the display the higher rez and also supports the font-size of the system Screen applet.

The update can be downloaded here - Pro or Pro/PCFS only.

2004.06.11 - Notice to iPAQ 2215 + Bluetooth gps users
The iPAQ 2210/15 will lose bluetooth gps connection if you install a program that accesses SD memory-card frequently. For example, Navgps software.

Your solution is either to install Navgps in main or CF memory-card or to purchase a third-party bluetooth CF card (e.g. Socketcom).

2004.06.11 - Notice to German Pro pilots
German Pro pilots should download and use the germany.udb.txt user database file available here.

This will include every airport in Germany and contain comm frequencies and runway approach-mode.

2004.05.06 - Notice to pilots using airways flight-planning feature
Generally speaking, after you enter a new route it's a good idea to check the route visually with the Plan>>View View/Edit menu option. Make sure the correct waypoints were chosen and also the total distance is close to what you expect.

When using airways, sometimes there'll be a navaid with the same name as an airway - mostly when using multiple databases. To force an airway to be interpreted correctly - prefix '@' to the name. For example, "BREZY @V39 CMK". Navgps 4.2+.

2004.05.01 - Notice to pilots regarding extremely slow Navgps/pda response
When you're flying in direct sun-light with the pda's infra-red message receive feature enabled, the pda response will slow to a crawl. For example, it'll take about 10+ seconds to display the Start-menu after you tap on it.

Go to Start-menu>>Settings and Connections tab and click on the Beam icon. Disable receive.

All users should do this right away!

2004.04.23 - Notice to pilots using Navgps installed on SD memory cards.
If you notice that Navgps is very slow and/or behaving incorrectly, the reason might be a slow SD card. Try installing in main memory and see whether the problem goes away

We recommend Panasonic and Simpletech ProX cards.