User-Created Database (.NDB format)

You can create databases containing your own waypoints and/or for navaids/airports not in the main database. You don't need programming experience - the files can be created for example using Microsoft Excel's ascii-file export feature or even the venerable notepad. Here's an example of an NDB file.

Note the following about NDB files:

  • They have extension NDB. Name can be anything.
  • These files are text files with each navaid/airport in a separate line.
  • The line terminator can be CR or CR-LF.
  • The fields within a line are delimited by the TAB character.
  • There are two record types - one for navaids and the other for airports. Both can co-exist in the same file.

Navaid Record:

The navaid record has 8 fields:

  • ID - upto 5 letter id.
  • Name - full name. Displayed when clicked on ID.
  • State - US state. not used.
  • Type - one of { "VOR", "NDB" or "FIX" }
  • Lat - format [+/-] ddd.sssss. Negative for southern hemisphere.
  • Lon - format [+/-] ddd.sssss. Negative for points west of prime meridian (see example below).
  • Magvar - magnetic variation. not used.
  • Freq - freq for the navaid. Displayed when clicked on ID.

For example:
SAX SPARTA NJ VORTAC 41.067514 -74.538325 11W 115.70

The fractional part for lat/lon, is a fraction of 1 degree. For example 10 degree, 59 min and 58 seconds should be specified as: 10.0 + (59/60) + (58/3600) = 10.983.

Some books/charts specify position as deg min.sss where sss is a fraction of 1 minute (e.g. 41° 31.95´ S). To make it easy to enter such entries, there's an alternate style. The example above can be specfied as -41:31.95.

Airport Record

The airport record has 10 fields:

  • ID - full ICAO airport code in uppercase.
  • Name - displayed when clicked on ID.
  • State - not used
  • Address - not used
  • Lat - same as navaid
  • Lon - same as navaid
  • Elevation - in feet (MSL) - Used for airport info. If you don't know the elevation, leave the field blank.
  • Magvar - the number of degrees and 'E' or 'W'. Used for gps units that do not output magnetic variance. See example below. If you don't know the mag-var value, leave the field blank.
  • Runway - not used
  • Length - not used

For example:
CDW CALDWELL NJ ESSEX COUNTY 40.875223 -74.281357 173 13W 04/22 4553

Note: The NDB files you create have to be in the install folder - that's the same folder where navgps.exe is installed.

Note: Navgps will not report syntax errors during load-time. But if you're using Navgps Pro 3.14+, "My Documents\navgps load status.txt" file will contain the load status of the last session. If your entries are not showing up, open that file with File Explorer.