Navgps Pro/PCFS

Navgps Pro/PCFS product integrates the functionality of the Navgps moving-map with PCFlightsystem's gyro unit. Now on a single iPAQ unit you have a gps driven moving-map with the security of a backup attitude-indicator.

Note: Please be advised that this is not the same product as Navgps Pro. This product requires the presence of the gyro module. Av-data and topo-map files are the same.

Installing the Software:

The software is for the iPAQ platform only. Download and run the install software on your desktop.

Once installed on the iPAQ, you should see two additional Start-menu options:

  • Navgps Pro+PCFS - select this to start the moving map software. It'll also automatically start the PCFlightSystems' attitude indicator software.
  • PPCEFIS - select this to use only the attitude indicator software.

Make sure you turn the gyro module on and that the gps is also connected and powered.

Integration between Navgps and PCFS software:

Both the software communicate constantly sending each other data.

When Navgps is active, if the attitude/pitch values go over a certain threshold - Navgps will automatically switch to the PCFSEFIS screen.

Conversely, when PCFSEFIS screen active, you'll see the current flight-plan specific information displayed on it.

Additionally, by default the 'Q' button is programmed so that you can manually toggle between the two software.

Installing Additional Aviation-Database:

The installation program will install sample aviation database for the eastern half of USA. If you'd like to download sample databases for other regions - click here.

To purchase current database - click here.

Installing Additional Topographical Maps:

The installation program will install topographical maps for Florida, USA only. If you'd like the download the maps for other regions - click here.

Click here to download Pro/PCFS

Price: $299 USD - purchase