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Navgps Pro

The Pro version of Navgps, our flag-ship product, contains all the features of Navgps Basic, plus:

  • Vector-based topographical data for the entire world. Elements included are elevation, rivers, lakes, populated areas, roads and rail-roads.

    Elevation can be displayed in one of two modes - absolute (color is based on actual elevation) and relative (color is based on relative distance between aircraft altitude and topography elevation).

  • The display rendering is done in the background and in stages. For example, flight-plan info is rendered right away, then av-data, then airspace and then last topography. What this means is that critical flight-data is displayed very quickly and kept updated while secondary data is being rendered in the background.
  • Flight-planning using victor/jet airways. For example, you can enter your flight-plan as cleared by ATC - and Navgps Pro will create the complete route for you. Requires current Av-Database.
  • Obstructions. For USA and parts of Canada and Central America. Requires non-sample Av-database. Users in other regions can create their own obstruction files.
  • Enhanced Nearest airport/VOR/fix feature...making ATC position reporting easy.
  • VNAV - vertical navigation guidance.
  • Full support for specifying most IAP.
  • Automatic flight-duration logging.
  • Search navaid/airport by name (e.g. "JOHN F KENN" -> KJFK).
  • User-interface optimized for in-cockpit use. Optimal mapping of hardware buttons, means minimal need to use stylus while enroute.
  • Create user-fixes interactively by clicking on map.
  • Solid-state Attitude-Indicator module plug-in.
  • Multi-language support. Display Navgps in your native language.
  • All future feature upgrades will be done to the Pro version.
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Price: $234 USD - purchase


User's Manual (pdf file)