Updating Data-Files in Navgps:

Note: If the file has a .zip extension - that means it's compressed. You can use the standard Winzip software to uncompress it. It can be downloaded for free from Winzip.

Note: Be sure Navgps is not running before the copy - otherwise you won't be able to update files. Restart Navgps after the copy is finished.

For Windows, save the new files in the same folder where you installed Navgps (i.e. folder where navgps.exe is present) - default is '\Navgps Basic' and '\Navgps Pro' respectively.

For PocketPC - Basic and Pro:

After you've downloaded the data-files to your desktop, start Activesync. Then do the following:

  • Make sure Navgps is NOT running. On the Today screen, you should NOT see the navgps icon on the bottom-right corner.
  • Make sure the pda is connected to the desktop. The Activesync icon should be green.
  • Select Activesync's File>>Explore menu option. You need to find the folder where navgps.exe is located. The default folders are '\Program Files\Navgps Basic' and '\Program Files\Navgps Pro' for the two versions respectively. If you installed it on external memory, it could be something like '\Storage Card\Snowlion Navgps Pro'.

    If in default location, you would find it by:

    • Double-click on 'My Pocket PC' entry - usually the first
    • Double-click on 'Program Files' folder
    • Double-click on 'Navgps Basic' or 'Navgps Pro' as appropriate
  • Now using the normal Windows copy/paste or drag/drop functionality you can copy the data-file(s) into the navgps.exe folder.
  • Re-start Navgps.