e-Gyro Attitude Indicator + GPS (Bluetooth wireless)

This PCFlightsystem's e-Gyro module contains both the attitude-indicator gyro plus a gps receiver. It connects to any Bluetooth capable device (pda or laptop).

Also, included is the plug-in software that allows it to be fully integrated within Navgps Pro software. Convenience of a full featured moving-map with the security of a backup AI.

This is a very portable unit - 4"x2"x1" and is third generation unit. The unit is powered by a cigarette-lighter socket. In case of complete electrical failure, a built-in 9V battery will power the unit and pda long enough to get into VMC conditions.


  - Bluetooth capable laptop or PDA
  - Navgps Pro software
  - Lighter socket in the aircraft

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Price: $1,195 $999 USD - includes plug-in software purchase


GPS-01-CF WAAS Enabled Compact Flash (CF) GPS Receiver

A 12-satellite tracking channel receiver with fast acquisition time. We could print a lot of specs...but the bottom line is that this unit is excellent for general-aviation use. Air-tested with Navgps.

This unit requires a CF slot in your pda. iPAQ users will need to have the CF expansion-pack (Part#170339-B22) - retails for around $50.

Comes with an antenna so that you can position it over the far-side of the glare-shield to get maximum sky visibility. In this scenario, we get a satellite lock consistently within seconds. The cable is 16 feet long.

Though the gps receiver will work with the power from the pda - for extended period use, it's better to use a charger.
Also available is a DC-charger adaptor for the pda - requires a cigarette lighter jack in the cockpit. The cable is 18" coiled and over 4' long stretched. Requires 12V plug.

Cables for 38xx/39xx & HP 54x/56x series.

Price: $99 $49 USD w/ antenna purchase