Correcting and Adding New Topography Map-Points

If you find problems with the topography display (e.g. in-correct town-names, missing names etc), you can help making the data better.

IMPORTANT!!! Download the latest topography zip file.

Included with the zipped file will be a file with .csv extension. This is a text file and contains all the town names that's included in that .map file.

This file is not used by Navgps directly and is included only to help in this editing process.

There are two kinds of lines in this file:

  • town-name,internal-id

    (e.g. New York,1,2)

    Do not change the internal-id number.

  • town-name,latitude,longitude

    (e.g. New York,43.123,-74.123)

If you want to delete a name, just delete the line. Do this in case of a town that is too small for aviation purposes, doesn't exist or is in the wrong place. In the last case, you would also add a new entry (see below).

If you want to edit the name, edit it. Do this in the case of mis-spelling etc.

If you want to add a new name, add it to the end along with the geo-posn of the point. The positions are latitude and longitude respectively in decimal degrees.

Keep unnecessary changes to the file to a minimum. If possible make a copy of the original .csv before editing.

That's it - save the .csv file and e-mail the file along with the original, if possible, to us and we'll have it integrated asap.


1. Larger towns and cities should be all uppercase. For example, "LONDON".
2. Here's a suggested way of quickly creating the new data-points.

Use the desktop version of Navgps and enter the Flightplan>>Visual View/Edit mode.

When you know where you want to create a town-name, right-click the mouse and select Create-Fix. This will create an auto-named fix. Go to Options>>Edit User Fix Data menu option and change the name to the town-name.

Continue with the rest of the new points.

Exit Navgps and a file named UserFix.ndb will be in your \My Documents folder. Just send that file to us along with the .csv file. No need to add the points to the .csv file.
3. If you'd like to add non-town-name elements (e.g. road names), you can use the above hint to do the same also.

When naming roads, create multiple points about 20-30 nm apart with the exact same label name.

Be advised, in Navgps if Population labels are turned off...these labels will not be visible.