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Basic Usage
Advanced Usage
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Basic Usage

Is Navgps compatible with Palm Pilot pda units?

How do I disable the help messages displayed on the screen?
They can be disabled by going to Preferences menu and de-selecting it.

What is the scale of the zoom-level?
The current zoom level is displayed in the lower-right corner.

In Pro, it shows the distance from the airplane icon (your current position) to the top of the moving map.

In Basic, it's the distance from the left to the right edge of the moving map. Another label shows one-quarter this distance in front of your current position.

What's auto-zoom and auto-view?
In auto-zoom mode, Navgps will try to keep the current waypoint always on-screen - zooming in and out as needed.
Auto-view is slaved to auto-zoom. That is, it's active only when auto-zoom is enabled. When the plane is on the ground, HSI view is preferable and at other times EFIS view.

Where can I get buy the subscription database w/ airspace etc.?
Current databases can be purchased from here.

In flight-plan edit mode, how can I find a navaid/airport quickly?
Click on the direct-to toolbar button or Option>Find menu option. Enter the navaid/airport id. If it's found, it'll be positioned under the cross-hairs.

On my pda, I see the message "Used or Non-existant Port"?
If you're sure the com port is correct - reset the device by poking the stylus into the reset hole. On the IPAQ, it's at the bottom.

Can I disable loading of certain data files? can disable loading of NG2, NG3 and NDB files temporarily by prefixing an underline to the filename. Remove it and the file will be loaded. You have to restart Navgps Basic/Pro for the change to take effect.

Advanced Usage

I'm using a bluetooth gps receiver and the manager pops up automatically everytime - I just want to use the sim. How can I stop the manager from appearing?
Start up Navgps and before tapping on the "OK" button on the intro-screen, go to Preferences and select a non bluetooth com port (e.g. COM1) and then tap on "OK".

Can I modify the screen-colors?
In Navgps, you can create your own customized color schemes. These can be done by creating scheme files in a text editor like notepad. These files have an extension of .scm and need to be in the same folder as navgps.exe.

By default, Navgps comes with two color schemes. The default (good for day-time) and another one named "Night-Flight" - selectable from the Preferences menu.

Click here for examples of the default schemes - day and night. To save the files on your desktop, right-click on the links and select "Save Target As...".

Note: Because of file structure differences you'll not be able to open the file in the PocketPC itself. You'll have to edit on the desktop and download it.

The databases for my region does not contain some airports/navaids, do you plan to add them?
At this time, we're dependant on our data-provider entirely for the data. They've decided not to included most airports less than 2000 ft and non-hard surface runway.
User's still have the option of adding their own via the .UDB.TXT file format (see below). But first check the user-submitted databases on our site.

Do you support user-created waypoints?
In Navgps Basic, not dynamically. But if you have access to the data for your region, it's very easy to create the file that can be read by Navgps.

Click here for the .UDB.TXT database format

In Navgps Pro you can create waypoints interactively as well as through direct-entry.

How are flight-plan way-points selected with auto-sequence mode disabled (prefs)?
With auto-sequence disabled, navgps will set the bearing to the first waypt in the flight plan. When you pass within a 1 nm radius of that waypoint, the next waypt will be selected. This process repeats until the end of the flight-plan.

If you wish to select another waypt manually (e.g. ATC says direct destination), you can use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select any waypt in the flight plan.

How are flight-plan way-points selected with auto-sequence mode enabled (prefs)?
In this mode, navgps will automatically select the waypt whose bearing is nearest to that of the track of the plane. That is, the next waypt is selected by the pilot pointing in the general direction of the next waypt.
You can temporarily override this automatic choice by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow keys - the auto-sequence mode will be disabled for 15 seconds. You should point the nose of the plane towards this new waypt within that time.

Registration, Downloads & Upgrades

Can I download a demo version?
Sure - it's on the download page. It's time restricted to 30 days. Should give you a good idea about all the capabilities. If you wish, you can install both the Basic and the Pro versions simultaneously.

What's the registration process?
On purchase of Navgps, we'll send you an e-mail confirming the order and then follow instructions on

Can I install Navgps on different machines - only one will be used at a given time?
During the trial period, you can install as many as you want. After that period you have to stop using it or purchase a license. Then you can only install/use on as many different machines as you have purchased licenses for.

Can I transfer my Navgps license to my new pda?
This is allowed in the case where you're getting rid of your old pda/laptop and want to start using a new one. You first need to unlicense the old unit.

This transfer is allowed only once per year. Also, if you've purchased the original license more than a year ago, you have to purchase a transfer-license product.

None of these answered your question? Send e-mail to and we'll get back to you asap.