e-Gyro Module Navgps Plug-In

This page documents the plug-in software for the e-Gyro Attitude-Indicator module. With this plug-in you can have aircraft attitude-indicator display standalone on the pda or integrated with the Navgps Pro moving-map software.

System requirements are:

  • HP iPAQ pda with a serial port (e.g. 36xx, 38xx, 22xx, 47xx )
  • e-Gyro module
  • Navgps Pro software - for integrated operation. Standalone software also available below.

Download & Installation

Click on the appropriate links below and download to your desktop or directly to your pda. The plug-in file needs to be stored in the same folder as where Navgps Pro is installed. Click here on how to transfer files from your desktop to your pda.


Once the plug-in is installed on the pda, you can run Navgps Pro.

Go to the Options»Preferences menu. It should automatically open with a new Plug-in tab (see left).

To enable the plug-in, check the "e-Gyro Module Connected" option. If the plug-in has not been registered, it'll prompt you to register at this time. Please email us the displayed device-id verbatim and the registration-key will be emailed to you.

While you're waiting for the key, you can attach the gyro-module to the serial-port and test the features in sim-mode.

Using Plug-in

On the plug-in page you should specify the port/speed on which the module will communicate on. The default values of COM1 and 115200 should be correct for all pda installations.

For testing purposes you can enter simulator mode (menu Options»Simulator). A display page is dedicated to the attitude-indicator display. This page can be viewed by either stepping through the pages (menu Options»Next Page) or assigning a hardware-button to this function. If the latter, then pressing that button will act as a toggle between the AI and the last map page.

Once the page is in view, the display should reflect the current attitude of the gyro module. Be advised the algorithms within the box and software are optimized for aircraft motion and may not always be accurate on the ground in sim-mode.

If no data is being received from the gyro module, then a "NO GYRO DATA" message is displayed and the attitude-data will be that of 180 degree roll. Please make sure the cable is plugged into the pda properly and are supplying power to the gyro module.

Normally the gyro-module is positioned on the floor of the cockpit. Usually that will not be level pitch, so the software has to be manually instructed to reset itself after you've achieved zero-pitch - usually after levelling off.

Go to the attitude-indicator display page and tap on the reset-button on the lower-left hand corner - after a few seconds the display should reflect zero pitch/bank.