Download Navgps Pro (version 4.5) release notes

The PocketPC version is installable on secondary storage (e.g. compact-flash memory). During installation, the install software will prompt whether you want to install in the default folder. At the prompt, select 'No' and then select the secondary storage folder.

Depending on where you are, you might have to download topography maps also.

WARNING: In trial-mode, Navgps will allow gps connection for only 15-20 minutes at a time. Approach-mode and airways flight-planning requires current av-data.

Note: Non USA/Europe readers should download either of the following and then download free sample data for their regions.


Contains sample av-data database for entire United States and topographical data for New York area.

  • Windows Version (5.1 MB)
  • PocketPC Version
    • ARM/XScale Processor (4.5 MB) - e.g. iPAQ, Axim, Toshiba, etc.
    • MIPS Processor (4.5 MB) - e.g. Casio 125
    • SH3 Processor (4.5 MB) - e.g. Jornada 540 series.

Contains sample av-data database for Europe and topographical data for central Europe.


This file contains update 4.5 - previous installation of Navgps Pro is required.

These files need to replace your current navgps.exe. They're the actual executable - not compressed. For PocketPC users, this should be in the "\Program Files\Navgps Pro" folder.

Click here to find out how to update.

  • Windows Version (1.5 MB)
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (WM2003 SE) Version and later
    • Download Navgps Pro ARM/XScale VGA update ARM/XScale Processor (1.0 MB) - for VGA screen pda units!
  • PocketPC 2000/2002 and WM2003 Version

Release Notes:

  • 4.5 - 2007.02.01
    • Expired non-USA database check disabled. Approach-mode and airway flight-planning are enabled. As always, Navgps software is only to be used as a backup navigation aid.
  • 4.4b - 2004.12.01
    • optimized support for WM2003SE rez. HSI, appr-mode, vnav display, runway extension etc.
    • {PocketPC} displays ETE by default. Tap on field to toggle between ETE/ETA
    • bug-fix: eGyro-module - track-field displayed properly
    • bug-fix: eGyro-module - tapping on AI display does not bring up erroneous nav dialog
    • runway-extension line is now active-flight segment color (default magenta)
    • when appr-mode airport info is displayed INFO or RDO freq is displayed if TWR is n/a
  • 4.4a - 2004.09.08
    • Registration device-id now fits on the screen.
    • Font sizes adjusted.
  • 4.4 - 2004.09.03
    • {PocketPC} Support for WM2003SE VGA resolution - requires above separate update download.
    • Font and size selectable. For Windows & non-WM2003SE users done thru Prefs3 page. For WM2003SE done thru system screen-applet.
    • {PocketPC} on main screen ETA is displayed instead of ETE. Can toggle between the two by tapping on the field.
    • NDB with fractional frequencies displayed correctly.
    • Can create a navaid-dme fix while entering flight-plan. Suffix ".", radial and distance.
      The radial has to be 3 digits and distance has to be 2 digits.
      (e.g. SAX.04505 means create a waypoint on the 45 magnetic radial 5 nm DME)
    • Other minor cosmetic visual/interface improvements.
    • bug-fix: when duplicate airport in both .ng2 and .udb.txt files - program freezes. fixed.
  • 4.3 - 2004.07.19
    • Added e-Gyro Attitude-Indicator plug-in support. download plug-in.
    • {Windows} Navgps displays different device-id when new network hardware is installed - fixed.
    • Track files (.trk) with lines starting with ';' are treated as comments and ignored. you can use this feature to annotate your track file using any text editor.
    • Airspace dialog shows frequencies upto 3 decimal places.
    • bug-fix: Incorrect runway navigation displayed for runways w/ no data - fixed
    • bug-fix: non-standard port/speed values in gps-dialog are retained when switching to another page and back.
  • 4.2b - 2004.07.01
    • DGPS status displayed on sat-page.
    • If go-to obs radial is set then navgps will not auto-select the next waypoint. Useful when holding etc.
    • Improved icao-prefix handling
    • bug-fix: Gps-auto-search fixed. If you've got a gps capable of 9600 or more, allow navgps to auto-search again.
    • bug-fix: Flight-tracker draws data points while position is being acquired - fixed.
    • bug-fix: User-defined airports not displayed when zooming in close - fixed.
    • bug-fix: Sync-altitude dialog can now display negative altitudes.
  • 4.2a - 2004.06.01
    • {PocketPC} Tracking-enabled menu check-mark set correctly - status does not appear on title-bar anymore.
    • {PocketPC} Double-press-button delta time increased from .5 to .75 seconds.
    • {PocketPC} Duplicate Navgps icons created in the Programs folder.
    • Improved ICAO prefix handling.
    • bug-fix: Info-box display problems when clicking on navaids with identical identifiers.
    • bug-fix: When in view-edit mode and changing first waypoint via plan-enter-mode, flight-plan is not updated.
    • bug-fix: {PocketPC} When preferred view is North-up and on startup go directly to view-edit mode - blank space at top of screen.
  • 4.2 - 2004.05.06
    • {Windows} New toolbar icons and can be attached to any edge.
    • USA - Increased lateral precision during approach-mode. Requires av-data version 4.7.
    • When entering airway identifier, prefix '@' to force it to be interpreted as airway when duplicate identifier exists (e.g. @V36).
    • Find-by-name feature will display bearing to the station.
    • Flight tracking preferences is saved. If one exits with it enabled - next time on startup it'll be enabled.
    • bug-fix: on deletion of all user-fixes - changes are saved.
    • Various misc. improvements.
  • 4.1a
    • find-by-name displays frequencies for VOR and NDB entries
    • support for NeoGPS receiver
  • 4.1 - 2004.04.13
    • Added Find-Nav-By-Name feature (requires av-data format 4.6). Sample database has been updated.
    • If current GS is less than half user-set approach GS, elevation is displayed in absolute-mode and obstructions are not displayed.
    • New day color scheme.
    • HSI CDI width made thicker.
  • 4.0a - 2004.04.05
    • bug-fix: minor memory-leak.
    • like all navgps data-files, if you set the first letter of a .map file to '_' and start navgps, it will not be loaded.
    • all com ports added to selection list.
  • 4.0 - 2004.04.01
    • Support for new topography .map file and related features.
    • On the intro-screen, pressing the '?' button, displays the load-status file.
    • text database files loaded more efficiently.
    • .udb.txt airport count limitation removed.
    • In sim-mode, "SIM-MODE" label displayed.
    • In sim-mode, altitude is initialized to 2000 ft above local posn.
    • When info-box is displayed for airports, TWR/CTAF freq is also displayed.
    • {PocketPC} added 65 nm to default-range list.
    • {PocketPC} on button-press, won't wait unnecessarily if there's no double-press function defined.
    • {PocketPC} - Enter-key functionality can be mapped to a button.
    • USA database users - At max nav display range (PocketPC=65, Windows=100), only towered airports displayed.
    • bug-fix: incase of duplicate waypoints over a long distance - navgps selects the nearest one.
    • For globalsat bluetooth users - WAAS mode is enabled for USA pilots.
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