World Topographical Database

Navgps Pro the ability to display digital topographical data for the entire world. Some of the features that are available are elevation, populated areas, lakes, rivers, populated areas, roads and rail-roads.

Users have the full ability to choose which features they'd like to view.

The following link will display a map of the coverage. Click on the square for your region and that'll start a download of the map-data for that region.

Click here To Download Topographical Map for Navgps Pro

On doing so, you'll download a zipped file - i.e. compressed file. You'll have to unzip the file before Navgps can read it.

Each zip file contains four files:

  • .map extension - contains all map data except elevation.
  • .elv extension - contains elevation data. This file is optional. Delete it if you don't need elevation, Navgps is too slow with elevation or don't have enough memory.
  • .csv extension - this is another optional file and is included if you'd like to improve the map data. There's no need to copy this file to the pda.
  • a readme.txt file

For pre-Pro4 users, .ng3 files are no longer used - please delete them.

How to Update Database Files