Download Navgps Basic (version 2.5)

You can download Navgps Basic software from this page. The only difference between the trial and fully enabled software is that in the former, the EFIS screen is disabled after some time.

The PocketPC version is installable on secondary storage (e.g. compact-flash memory). During installation, the install software will prompt whether you want to install in the default folder. At the prompt, select 'No' and then select the secondary storage folder.

Note: Non USA/Europe readers should download either of the following and then download free sample data for their regions.


Contains sample av-data database for entire United States.

  • Windows Version
  • PocketPC Version
    • ARM/XScale Processor - e.g. iPAQ, Jornada 560 series, etc.
    • MIPS Processor - e.g. Casio 125
    • SH3 Processor - e.g. Jornada 540 series.

Contains sample av-data database for Europe.


This file contains update 2.5 - previous installation of Navgps Basic is required.

These files need to replace your current navgps.exe. They're the actual executable - not compressed.

Click here to find out how to update.

For PocketPC users, this should be in the "\Program Files\Navgps Basic" folder.

Release Notes:

  • 2.5 - requires new av-data download
    • av-data database can be used after expiration.
    • approach-mode disabled.
    • device-id for non-iPAQS changed - pls e-mail with your old and new device-id for new registration-key.
  • 2.4 d
    • minor changes again for registration
  • 2.4 c
    • minor changes for registration
  • 2.4 b 04/24/2002
    • bug-fix: alarms countdown accurately
  • 2.4 a
    • bug-fix: gps connection problems because of bug in serial data processing. This problem is intermittent but when it does happen, no data will be processed from the gps. This update is a must for all Navgps2 and Navgps Basic users.
  • 2.4 *** initial release of Navgps Basic ***
    • bug-fix: nearest-airport now returns the nearest-airport...even if in NDB file.
    • installable in secondary storage (e.g. compact-flash)
    • removed airway support