Sample Aviation Database (fmt 4.7) - updated 2004.05.05

These sample databases are not current - the source is dated late 2002.05. They are meant to be used while you're evaluating Navgps.

Approach-mode and airway flight-planning features are not allowed with sample av-data.

Av-Data region coverage map.

Compatible with Navgps Basic 2.5+ and Pro & Pro/PCFS 3.4+:

Navgps .NG2
Database Files

Navgps .NG2
Database Files

The .zip file files need to be uncompressed before use. You have to use Winzip software to uncompress. If you don't already have it installed, it can be downloaded for free from

Once uncompressed, you'll have the database files ready for use (file extension .ng2). Then follow the instructions below on how to install it on your system for use by Navgps.

How to Update Database Files

Note for USA Navgps Basic Users: The USA databases above are a composite of FAA and DAFIF data sources. The airports available may be different than what was there before the merging of the two databases. If you'd rather use the DAFIF databases, then you can still download the old sample files from these links - USA-east and USA-west.  


Temporary-Flight-Restriction (TFR) Database(s) (fmt 4.3)

For USA Residents - download the file(s) below for TFR depictions. Remember it's up to you as PIC to get AFSS NOTAM briefings and double-check with sectionals at all times.

As with any other Av-database file (file extension .ng2), you have to save these files in your Navgps install folder.

USA_EAST - 04/24/2003

  • Alabama - Talladega
  • Florida - Disneyworld
  • Georgia - St. Marys
  • Indiana - Newport
  • Indiana - Crane (extended)
  • Kentucky - Richmond
  • Maryland - Camp David (P40) both 5 and 10 nm
  • New York Class-Bravo
  • Washington Class-Bravo

USA_WEST - 03/22/2003

  • Alaska - missing
  • Arkansas - Pine Bluff Arsenal
  • California - Disneyland
  • Colorado - Pueblo
  • Hawaii - missing
  • Missouri - Whiteman AFB - extended
  • Oregon - Hermiston
  • Texas - Crawford (P49) both 10 and 30 nm
  • Texas - Red River Army Depot
  • Utah - Deseret Chemical Depot
  • Washington - Bremerton
  • Washington - Bangor
  • Washington - Port Townsend
  • Washington - Everett
Note: If you know of any corrections to the above, send us an e-mail and we'll update - please be as specific as you can.