Aviation Database

Navgps has active support for USA data. Data source is FAA. Free out-of-date database available for rest of the world.

The world according to Navgps is divided into eight regions. You can load one or if you wish all the regions simultaneously.

  • USA-EAST -navaids/airports east of 92W (inclusive) longitude. Contains territories and islands.
  • USA-WEST - point west of 92W (exclusive).
  • Canada - navaids/airports tagged as Canada by DAFIF.
  • Americas - navaids/airports between 120W (inclusive) and 30W (exclusive) longitude that are not USA or Canada.
  • Europe - navaids/airports between 30W (inclusive) and 30E (exclusive) AND north of 34N (inclusive).
  • Africa - navaids/airports between 30W (inclusive) and 53E (exclusive) and south of 34N (exclusive).
  • Australasia - navaids/airports between 53E (inclusive) and 120W (exclusive) and south of 10N.
  • Asia - all the rest.

Users can download free sample av-data from this site or they can purchase current av-data. Current database is valid for 56-day periods. On expiration, approach- mode display and airway data will be disabled - otherwise you can use it without any time restriction.

The primary differences between the sample and current data are:

  • Contains current navaid/airport/frequency data.
  • Navgps will allow approach-mode display for all the airports.
  • Contains Victor airways data. You can enter a flight plan as cleared by clearance - i.e. include the airways and Navgps will create the full route from it. {Pro-only}

Chances are that not every navaid and airport will be in these databases. In that case, users have the option of creating their own databases.

Price: $18 USD/issue.