Android App News

2013.11.05 - This project is on hold at this time.

2013.08.14 - The next phase took much longer than expected - thanks for everyone for their patience.

A very early ALPHA version of the app is ready to be released by the end of this month.

One of the big issues was determining whether to host on the Android App Store or to host it locally. Since the app is in very early stages of development, it's been decided to host locally on this server for now.

Basic navigation should be operational. The included database is for the USA. We've made creating user databases relatively easy and will be distributing the documentation shortly.

2013.01.26 - After many a years - we've got an announcement to make. We're planning on developing Navgps for Android devices!

We've already tested with the built-in gps units and the results are very promising.

This is a brand new development from the ground up. We hope to have a very alpha version for testing by late Spring.

Right now we have access only to USA av-database. If you have access to other regions (especially Europe) - we'd love to hear from you.

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